Pepper Roasted Chicken

Grilled Chicken Blasted with Pepper at TGIF, Bangalore

Recently, the wife and me went out to TGIF. Found a deal online for INR 1050 where you get a 50% discount – meaning you can eat for INR 2000 by paying only INR 1050. Saturday afternoon it was and lunch was on the cards.

The belly screamed for some good food and the heart yearned. Drove into Ulsoor on a late Saturday afternoon, checked into TGIF – ordered a bunch of stuff. What blew me away was one dish. Turned out to be Pepper Roasted Chicken. It was chicken blasted into pepper sauce, then roasted to perfection. Served along side were crispy golden friend onion rings and creamed potato.

While the wife feasted on the onion rings [she really likes ’em], yours truly got going on the chicken – and believe you me – it satiated my appetite. The pepper was there – yes, the chicken cooked perfectly – yes, the sides good enough – yes, left craving for more? You bet!


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    Bindhu Unny November 15, 2013

    It looks so mouth-watering! :)