Oreo Cheese Cake – Ooh La La!

Oreo Cheese Cake at Spiga, Bangalore


Spiga at St.Marks Road, Bangalore is one place the wife and me love to frequent. The service is good, ambiance nice, but the best of all – quality of food served. If you’d ask most of my friends how I like to start my meals, they’ll all jump up and say – he starts with desserts.

Quirky – i know. Weird – i agree. Strange – yes. ┬áSurprised? – You should be. But then, that’s me – I’ve always loved starting my meals with desserts. And one of my all time favorite desserts in Bangalore is the Oreo Cheese Cake. I have no idea the magic that the Oreo Cheese Cake at Spiga spins at me, but it is this one dish that keeps getting me back there time and again.

If you like Oreo Cheese Cakes though, there is this one more place at Cunningham Road in Bangalore you must hit. Its called Dolci. I’d rank their Oreo Cheese Cake #2 in Bangalore – right after Spiga. Bon Appetite!