Quintessential Lasagna!

Quintessential Lasagna

So I was visiting Gurgaon on work sometime earlier this year and my colleagues Vandana & Aprajita took me out for lunch. We went to this place called Di Ghent Cafe at DLF Phase 4. Nice place to hang out at – pretty rustic ambiance – but nice.

We went there over lunch and I ordered something called Kanaal. Kanaal is Lasagna with home made Lamb Bolognese. The lamb bolognese had really bold flavors – the base was tomato – but the mince lamb was cooked really well – it had this amazing taste that lasted in your mouth for a while, the layers of pasta were perfect – nice and light – the addition of cheese was good too – overall a great dish.

What I loved most about this dish is, surprisingly it wasn’t very heavy – it was easy on the stomach. And ofcourse, the garlic bread served along side, was bliss! :)



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    Parvathy Harish Bhardwaj November 22, 2013

    Hey Aadil…so lovely to see you blogging! Hope you remember me…This is Parvathy (remember, I covered Tantalizing India for Times of India?). Please accept the Liebster Award from my blog! :) Here’s how you can go about it…

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    Aadil November 22, 2013

    Glad to hear from you Parvathy! Of-course I remember you – will always be thankful to you for the Tantalizing India coverage. Thank you for visiting my food blog and leaving your comment! :)