Shahi Tukra!

Shahi Tukra

Jiski khusbhoo se mehek utthe fizza; Jiski rangat se bhi aa jaye maza;
Ho nafees aur lazeez har luqma, zaiqa iska ho har ek se juda;
Kha ke ho jaye jehvan kushk mehman, hum bechaate hain wahi dastarkhan!

The above is an old couplet by Rizvi. And something that I precisely experienced at Kebabs & Curries Restaurant at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore recently. The service is par excellence, the food is absolutely majestic and the ambiance – la jawaab!

What I enjoyed most as part of my dinner was this exquisite desert called ‘Shahi Tukra Asal’. This magnificent dish is a combination of delicately produced milk poured over crisp home made bread sweetened in ¬†saffron syrup garnished with silver leaf and fine pistachio. If you have a sweet tooth, this is luxury you must experience!