The Belgian Waffle Dream

Haagen Dazs


Last week I was in Chennai for work on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a busy day – so much so that I didn’t get time to grab lunch. By the time I was done with work, the clock struck 6 pm and I began to question who’d give me lunch at that odd hour. 7 pm and restaurants open up for dinner but I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait and wanted something then and there.

While I was walking around Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Chennai, I stumbled across Haagen Dazs and the heart instantly knew what it wanted. Walked into Haagen Dazs, went through the menu and decided that my lunch was going to be an amazing Haagen Dazs desert. Oh yes! :)

So went ahead and ordered something called The Belgain Waffle Dream. This was a scoop of pralines and cream ice cream, dulce de liche, warm Belgain waffles, butterscotch sauce and freshly whipped cream. The ice cream was majestic! The Belgain waffles – supreme. The butterscotch sauce – macho! And the freshly whipped creme – nice and light! Kudos Haagen Dazs! I’m coming back for more soon! :)