Singapore Laksa Bowl!

Singapore Laksa Bowl


After a day packed with meetings in Mumbai, this one time I checked into Hotel Ibis at Sahar to stay over. Days when your meetings go well and you’ve managed to get a lot done from your check list, you get that feel good factor which calls out for some good sumptuous food. The food then acts like a cherry on well baked cake and makes your day – ala your meal worth it!

But then, I wasn’t sure if I’d get bang for my buck at Ibis. Its not known for its food after all. Besides, I was too tired to step out and I had loads to prepare for the next day – so wanted to grab something at Ibis itself. Checked into my room and then walked into the restaurant they have called Spice It.

Called for the menu and my eyes zeroed on like that of a hawk on to this thing I absolutely love – The Singapore Laksa Bowl. It’s basically laksa curry with ginger, noodles, bok choy, prawn, chicken, boiled eggs, spring onions, fried onions, chilly oil and bean sprouts. One bowl of the laksa and yours truly walked away happy. Never imagined that I’d get such amazing Laksa at Ibis of all places. But then that really is the punch isn’t it – a lot of times, the most unexpected places deliver the most amazing food. Next play! :)