Naan Serai at Caravan Serai!

Naan Serai at Caravan Serai

In my last blog post on Chocolateria San Churro, I shared how me and my colleagues indulged in Churros for dessert. What I also mentioned was that we had dinner a little earlier at this place called Caravan Serai. Caravan Serai is a nice place in Bandra West, Mumbai that serves Indian / Afghan / Mughlai Cuisine.

What we really enjoyed at Caravan Serai was something called Jhinga Nisha. These are king / jumbo prawns marinated in creamy yogurt flavored with cheese and Indian spices. We also tried the Mutton Galouti Kebabs – but that is something I didn’t quite enjoy. For mains, we had Bhuna Gosht which hit our palette really well.

What was the highlight of our meal though was something called Naan Serai. This is one gigantic naan that one will really enjoy. Look at the picture above – it is huge! We were six of us who dined at this place. All six combined couldn’t finish this one naan. Was it nice though? Yes. Crispy? Yes. Will I order it again? Yes. Will I be able to finish it? Lets order and find out! :)