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The Most Amazing Raan Biryani Ever!

Raan Biryani at Shalimar, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

So yours truly was visiting Mumbai for just about 36 hours. Fly in – in the evening – do business meetings the next day and fly out immediately. While I was planning my trip, I had to plan a foodie evening in Mumbai. So I called up a close friend – Mahesh and asked him if we can plan something. The foodie that he is, Mahesh’s answer was – but of course! :)

Mahesh suggested we do Mohammed Ali Road and in particular Shalimar Restaurant near Kalbadevi. I jumped at the opportunity and so did other folks from our Mumbai Office in the form of Manish, Ketaki and Jyoti. No sooner did I land in the evening, I went straight to our office at BKC in Mumbai, picked them up and off we were to Shalimar.

If there was one thing that was super good at Shalimar, it was the Raan Biryani. The portion was generous, the red meat extremely tender, the rice cooked just about right, the fragrance from the spices – was an aroma that has lasted with me even today. To top it all, the fried onions served along side called Brista just made the Biryani even more delectable.

But then the Raan Biryani wasn’t just the only thing we had. Before indulging into the gastronomical delight, we also savored the galactic Nawaabi Chicken Gravy with Reshmi Paratha [Deep Fried Indian Bread], had Bheja Masala to go with it and washed it down with the yummy Shalimar Special Faalooda. An evening that all of us, will cherish for long!


Quintessential Lasagna!

Quintessential Lasagna

So I was visiting Gurgaon on work sometime earlier this year and my colleagues Vandana & Aprajita took me out for lunch. We went to this place called Di Ghent Cafe at DLF Phase 4. Nice place to hang out at – pretty rustic ambiance – but nice.

We went there over lunch and I ordered something called Kanaal. Kanaal is Lasagna with home made Lamb Bolognese. The lamb bolognese had really bold flavors – the base was tomato – but the mince lamb was cooked really well – it had this amazing taste that lasted in your mouth for a while, the layers of pasta were perfect – nice and light – the addition of cheese was good too – overall a great dish.

What I loved most about this dish is, surprisingly it wasn’t very heavy – it was easy on the stomach. And ofcourse, the garlic bread served along side, was bliss! :)


YouCook – Grill up, then fill up!

Aadil & Mahesh at YouCook

Some time last month, the guys at work decided to go out for a team dinner. We chose to head out to this place that one of my colleagues Sebastian recommended called YouCook at IndiraNagar, Bangalore.

What’s cool about this place is that they have really large tables and right at the center of each table – they have this huge grill – where in you actually grill stuff, cook it and then eat it. Now I understand that when we’re paying stuff, we should get ready food on the table, but this by itself – the fact that you grill / cook your own meal is an experience in itself! Something that yours truly thoroughly enjoyed!

They have all kinds of kebabs which are already marinated in different textures and masalas – you pick what you like – grill and indulge! There’s chicken kebabs, lamb sheekhs, beef kebabs, crab meatballs, fish fillets, prawns, squids – you name it. For the vegetarians, there’s options too – potatoes, paneer, baby corn and other stuff – that I didn’t concentrate on. Bottom line though – a great experience!