Oreo Cheese Cake – Ooh La La!

Oreo Cheese Cake at Spiga, Bangalore


Spiga at St.Marks Road, Bangalore is one place the wife and me love to frequent. The service is good, ambiance nice, but the best of all – quality of food served. If you’d ask most of my friends how I like to start my meals, they’ll all jump up and say – he starts with desserts.

Quirky – i know. Weird – i agree. Strange – yes. ¬†Surprised? – You should be. But then, that’s me – I’ve always loved starting my meals with desserts. And one of my all time favorite desserts in Bangalore is the Oreo Cheese Cake. I have no idea the magic that the Oreo Cheese Cake at Spiga spins at me, but it is this one dish that keeps getting me back there time and again.

If you like Oreo Cheese Cakes though, there is this one more place at Cunningham Road in Bangalore you must hit. Its called Dolci. I’d rank their Oreo Cheese Cake #2 in Bangalore – right after Spiga. Bon Appetite!


Clam Chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf

Clam Chowder at Boudin Bakery


This is something that instantly makes my heart jump a beat. I was visiting San Francisco in April this year for work and while I was there, one of my key action items [other than work ;)] were that I had to explore the local cuisine. So me and three of my friends – Manjunath, Vandana and Bhavna went about exploring Pier 39. If you’re in SFO, this is one place you *have* to visit.

On Pier 39, we found the Fisherman’s Wharf where we came across this beautiful bakery called Bistro Boudin. We’d done our homework before coming to this place and as soon as we were there – we knew exactly what we wanted to eat.

Sea food is what we had on mind and to start it off – Clam Chowder! One of the most exquisite dishes I’ve ever had! Clams cooked in a nice thick creamy soup and the best part of it all – it isn’t served in a bowl – instead, its served in bread. Boy o boy – did we enjoy the chowder or what! What’s good though is that chowder is what we started with. ¬†What followed were prawns, crabs and oysters! Yum, nom nom…


Simple Pleasures of Life!

Anda Bhurjee

Was time for breakfast. This one day, felt like eating something simple. Something very Indian. Something light. Yet something that’ll hit the spot.

Drove down to The Egg Factory on St.Marks Road in Bangalore. Ordered a Bun Masala. Essentially scrambled eggs smashed with Indian spices served along with a bun that’s lightly flamed over butter. The Egg Factory is just one of those breakfast places in Bangalore where you can go and be rest assured in terms of what you order, your taste buds will guarantee happiness.

The Bun Masala was exactly what I wanted – the perfect start to my lazy weekend. Speaking of which, it’s Friday already. Now then, where am I heading over the weekend? :)


Pepper Roasted Chicken

Grilled Chicken Blasted with Pepper at TGIF, Bangalore

Recently, the wife and me went out to TGIF. Found a deal online for INR 1050 where you get a 50% discount – meaning you can eat for INR 2000 by paying only INR 1050. Saturday afternoon it was and lunch was on the cards.

The belly screamed for some good food and the heart yearned. Drove into Ulsoor on a late Saturday afternoon, checked into TGIF – ordered a bunch of stuff. What blew me away was one dish. Turned out to be Pepper Roasted Chicken. It was chicken blasted into pepper sauce, then roasted to perfection. Served along side were crispy golden friend onion rings and creamed potato.

While the wife feasted on the onion rings [she really likes ’em], yours truly got going on the chicken – and believe you me – it satiated my appetite. The pepper was there – yes, the chicken cooked perfectly – yes, the sides good enough – yes, left craving for more? You bet!


Hello World!

Just the right amount of cheese, saffron and consistency - elements that make a risotto - Holy Kaw!

This is where the world famous butter chicken yearns to be written about. This is where the saffron infused creamy prawn risottos of La Italia crave to be spoken about. It is here then, where biryani’s elope, where them oh-so-gooey brownies scream for attention, where the most quintessential desserts cling on to.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Aadil’s blog; where food – fetishes.

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